6 Best Mobile Advertising Platforms

We spend a large amount of our time using our mobile. We use it to watch videos, play games, chat on social media etc. Therefore, it is very important for every brand and business who uses online advertising to not spend their entire advertising budget only on Desktop ads. So, if you have been running desktop ads only and not getting your desired results, then it is time that you start focusing on creating mobile ads. So, let’s have a look at some of the best mobile advertising platforms available in the market.

Google Ads

Google is the biggest and most popular platform when it comes to advertising. Using Google Ads, you can not only run desktop ads, but you can run mobile ads too. Additionally, Google ads also provide many great targeting options that can increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns and thus help you in achieving your desired results. Using Google ads, you can run various types of ads like:

  • Text ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Image ads
  • App promotion ads
  • Video ads
  • Shopping ads

It is a very great option if you are thinking of running ads for your business. Google ads can help you reach your customers, whether they are using their mobile or desktop. So, go to Google ads and start creating awesome mobile ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Since millions of people spend their time on Facebook and Instagram, these platforms are the perfect pick for running mobile ads. Using Facebook and Instagram ads, you can easily reach your customers and prospects while they are browsing through their social media feeds. 

To run Facebook ads, you must have a Facebook ads manager account else you cannot run ads on the platform. When it comes to targeting just like Google ads, it provides lots of targeting options which can help you reach your target audience very easily using the power of Facebook. When it comes to Instagram ads, you can create Instagram ads using Facebook ads manager or by using the promotion tab in the Instagram app. Instagram ads also come with all the targeting options that Facebook ads offer. So, stop thinking and start creating Facebook and Instagram ads.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a social media platform on which millions of people come every day to discover what’s happening in the world and to express their opinion on them. This makes it a perfect place to run ads. To use twitter ads, you must have a twitter. Next, go to https://ads.twitter.com/ and select your country and time zone and complete your profile. Once you have completed your ads profile, you can easily create twitter ads for promoting your tweets, profile, trends, generate video views, app installs, get website traffic and much more. Additionally, it provides many advanced targeting features that allow you to reach your preferred target audience very easily. 

Bing Ads

Being is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Using Bing ads, you can run desktop as well as mobile ads just like Google ads. Besides this running Bing ads is much cheaper than Google ads. Bing ads also allow you to have more control over the targeting options like language, location and scheduling, etc. by allowing its users to set these settings at the ad group level. Whereas if you are using Google ads, you can set these settings only at the campaign level. Using Bing ads, you can run various types of ads like:

  • Expanded text ads
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Product ads
  • App install ads
  • Responsive search ads, etc.


AdColony is a very popular mobile video ad network. Using AdColony, publishers/marketers can show video ads to people while they are using their mobile apps. The platform is very popular among mobile game developers. By using AdColony a large number of developers have monetized their apps by showing its users a video ad after they have completed a task in the game or have unlocked a new level in the game. Additionally, it has lots of targeting options which make it very easy for the advertiser to reach their target audience.


Airpush is another popular mobile ad platform and provides its users with the most advanced targeting and optimization technology than any other advertising platform. The platform is used by many big companies like Coca Cola, Toyota, Amazon, Groupon and many more. The platform has a very easy to use interface and allow its users to create ads in 12 different ad formats like:

  • Push notifications
  • Video ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Rich media ads
  • In-app banners
  • Post-click landing page ads, etc.

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